Tyler King Professionally Trained Stage, Film and Motion Capture Actor

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Tyler has trained with top industry veterans Richard Dorton, TJ Storm, and Oliver Hollis-Leick both in and out of the volume to master his abilities as a motion capture performer. Coming from two acting programs with a strong emphasis in the physicality of a performance, Tyler found a natural path into the volume. He has studied Laban Movement, Alexander Technique, acrobatics, sword and unarmed combat, and holds a Dance Major.
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Tyler has worked with many directors and creative teams here in Los Angeles including Jamie Mortallero, Dan Gregoire at Halon Entertainment, Mari Ueda and Kumiko Ozawa at Rouge Mocap, Counter Punch Studios, Formosa Interactive, Seamus Blackley, and at the new Fox VFX Lab.
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While several projects are still top secret, Tyler most recently worked with Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks on The Evil Within 2 - a survival horror game by the creator of the Resident Evil series.